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A model who tried to steal £1,000 worth of designer goods from Harrods was let off with a slap on the wrist after a magistrate said she was a woman of ‘considerable talents’. Natalia Sikorska, 28, a business management student, attempted to make off with a Markus Lupfer jacket, a pair of Claudie Pierlot shoes,

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You know that wise, old saying “boys are from Jupiter cause they’re more stupider.” Well perhaps they’re stupid because they’re from Jupiter or perhaps it’s because they’re not wearing lipstick. If you’re like my boyfriend, chances are if I’m wearing anything on my lips that’s not Chapstick I’m not getting any kisses. It’s like I

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Bradley Lowery’s mum has thanked those who helped him to give him ‘an amazing send off’ whilst praising those who helped him in the RVI. The six year old Sunderland fan passed away earlier this month following a battle with neuroblastoma cancer. Bradley’s mum Gemma posted on his fundraising page Bradley Lowery’s fight against Neuroblastoma.