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This Dog Has NO Patience and Honks Horn!

Normally, when you see a dog left alone in a car on a hot summer day it’s a cause for major concern, but the pushy pup in the following video seems like he can definitely take care of himself!

During the “dog days” of summer, people tend to freak out when they see a pet or small child locked inside a car, as they can quickly turn into an oven, killing your loved one. However, when one passerby in Bryansk, Russia saw a dog flying solo in his owner’s car, he knew he had to pull out his phone to start recording a video – instead of calling the police.

In the hilarious video below from Viral Hog, we see a very impatient pooch let his owner know it’s time to hurry up, because he’s been waiting way too long in the car alone. If it was anyone else honking a parked car horn, people would likely be pretty annoyed, but you just have to laugh at this furball.

Can you imagine if you saw a dog do this on your street?! Check out the video below!

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