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Whether you are a busy bee stay at home mom who needs a snack to propel you through the day, or you are an avid hiker and backpacker that needs quick energy and nutrition on the go, then you know that trail mix is an absolute lifesaver. But not all trail mixes are created equally, and if you are savvy, you know there are certain ingredients that can take any trail mix to a whole new level of awesome. Here are three essentials that you can add to any trail mix for the perfect on the go snack to replenish you.

Pumpkin Seeds

The first essential ingredient that you should add to your trail mix is pumpkin seeds. Pumpkin seeds make for the perfect, salty, crunchy addition to just about every trail mix out there. Not only do pumpkin seeds taste great, but they are also great for you. These nutrient rich seeds are high in magnesium, copper, iron, and manganese just to name a few, along with packing in tons of protein and healthy fats. Sprinkle in a handful of salted pumpkin seeds to any trail mix you make or buy to increase the nutritional value and add some extra flavor.


Another great essential that you should be adding to every trail mix is almonds. Almonds are a good source of protein and can strengthen your teeth. Almonds are some of the most popular nuts in the world, and for very good reasons. Almonds are delicious nuts that are full of protein and healthy fats and carbs for quick energy and sustained fullness. What’s even better is that almonds are also loaded with antioxidants to fight off chronic disease and the effects of aging, and they can even help you manage blood sugar. Almonds should be an essential in every trail mix you eat.

Raisins or Dried Fruit

The final trail mixes essential ingredient that you should put in every trail mix you eat or buy is raisins or other dried pieces of fruit. Fruits are great sources of both carbohydrates for energy and nutrients for full body support. Dried fruits are great since they are smaller and easier to include in a trail mix. Be sure that you are adding dried fruits without added sugars however, as it is not uncommon for certain brands to add sugar to their dried fruits, making them more like candy than fruit.

Trail mix can be an extraordinarily healthy and useful snack to keep your energy up for a busy day or long hike. But not all trail mixes are created equally. Make sure that you are including these three essentials in every trail mix for the perfect snack.

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