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To make you truly stress-free and tension-free also if you want to enjoy your vacation with most of fun and conviction, here are some travel hacks you can use on your next trip.


These days the tourism departments of the state governments have introduced the concept of Homestays in their respective states, as a result of which even the Hostels meant for tourists have upgraded themselves to the comfort level that tourists look forward to. These Homestays offer you the best of amenities in a homely environment while being considerably cheaper on the rates as compared to the high-end or the other hotels. As a result you can end up saving quite a considerable amount on your travel, if you bear this budgetary important travel hack in your mind. For a hassle free travel buy Himachal tour package or another package.


After having checked in one always has the urge to go out and survey the place he/she is visiting and would like to take a go around to understand and plan out his/her visit. For this one would require to travel within the city, for the purpose of this it is recommended that you make use of the local transportation as much as possible, say an auto rickshaw, local city bus service, or something, as Uber and Ola cabs are not always available, this is likely to save you big time on your budget.


It is highly recommended that you avoid squeezing in too many places in a short time. Covering a lot of ground could lead to a burn out or exhaustion, which could result in ruining your overall trip. Instead you are recommended to visit lesser number of places   and in the bargain get to spend more time to explore each and every place that you visit. Rest assured that each and every Indian city has a lot for you to explore provided you get out of the city and explore the surroundings. Following this all important travel hack to Himachal and for other place, will also give you an opportunity to get to know and interact with the locals and get interesting overall experiences as well.


Staying at different locations in India has its own wonders along with different types of bacteria in the water and the food you savour. This, medical travel hack could possibly lead to some digestive disorders for which it is to be better prepared than be found searching for medical help which may not be available at hand. So it is suggested to carry traveler’s diarrhea tablets to cater to any such emergency. 


Having checked in and surveyed your surroundings it is now time for some gallivanting and while doing so it’s time for purchases. In India when you are recognized as a stranger then rest assured that while purchasing you are bound to be quoted prices that are far beyond being classified as premium, this handy travel hack is sure to get you a reasonably good price for your purchase you will need to go in for some hard bargaining.


It is a general practice to buy souvenirs from the places you’ve visited, to carry home with you. The question arises where to pick up some authentic souvenirs, if not from the dedicated souvenir shops? Answer to this is that always tend to pick up souvenirs from the street markets, as they are comparatively much cheaper than those being sold at the shops. Another important secret to know here is that you explore these street markets in the late evenings as this is the time for them to wrap up so things at this time are a real steal. 


Although India is moving towards cashless payment status, most of the places are still devoid of this facility especially the street markets etc. So in order to avoid any such eventuality of finding yourself strapped for cash, so ensure that when planning to visit such street markets you always follow this travel hack and have cash handy to pay for your purchases, most important of all while doing this you need to be extra careful and wary of pickpockets.


Make sure that the monuments and other places of interest are open on the day/days of your visit to the destination in Himachal or other. As the closure of any one of these will largely impact your travel plan.


In India, the majority of dishes are vegetarian dishes with varied degrees of delectable options, especially if you are budget conscious. The reason for this is that although Non-vegetarian dishes are available in India, they are offered at a premier price, so unless you are particularly interested in trying out a non-vegetarian dish we would recommend that you get used to various vegetarian flavors and cuisines, more over it is impertinent to remember that consumption of beef in India is a big no-no.


India is a huge country with varied cultures and also an ideal example of Unity in Diversity, anywhere in the world, leading to different cities having different cultures within the country. So brace yourself for a cultural shock when traveling from smaller cities and countryside to metros, within India.


Make sure to carry your personal sanitizers and tissue paper as none of these shall be available at any of the public conveniences.


Couples visiting India are very seriously advised not to demonstrate any kind of show of affection anywhere in public. It could lead to unsavory incidents in some places and cases.


Make sure you get used to eating with your hands when in India, as all the places you visit to India or in other countries are not likely to serve you with the knife and fork regulation.


According to experts the travel secret to ensure your safety financially is to ensure that, one, you need to be on guard when exchanging your currency, two, count the change returned after every purchase, carefully.


Experts and frequent travelers suggest that the best time to start your vacation or trip is on Wednesdays; the reason for this is that Wednesdays see a considerably lower traveler rush as people generally do not start their holiday midweek which also means maximum availability of tickets and that too at cheaper rates.


A very important travel hack is to save scanned copies of your travel documents like tickets, hotel bookings, transportation bookings, etc. on your mail accounts is highly recommended.


The Indian railways have now come of age and provide you with online booking for your meals while you travel. You can do so through the IRCTC using the PNR number on your ticket and you will have meals delivered at your seat at the desired time.

Discussed above are some of the best travel hacks/secrets drawn up by experts the world over, following which shall ensure an economic and a safe trip for you and your family/friends.

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