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Traveling can be trying even during the best of times. Throw a toddler and a pandemic into the mix, and you’ve got the makings of a very stressful travel experience. While you can’t eliminate travel stress altogether, you can reduce it with careful preparation. When you’re traveling with a baby, an enjoyable trip begins with the right travel stroller.

Packing Smart (and Light) Is Key to Traveling With Baby!

Traveling with a baby takes a considerable amount of planning. From burp cloths to baby wipes, you’ll have to be prepared to handle life away from the comfort and security of your home.

Here are four things that you need to pack for a trip with a baby:

#1 Packing Cubes

Packing cubes are luggage organizers that allow you to reach for needed items in a snap. A set of cubes comes in small, medium, and large sizes that help you to optimize the space in your suitcases. The tear-resistant cubes accommodate baby clothes, toys, and books.

#2 Diaper Changing Pad

On-the-go diaper changes are inevitable. However, you never know if your chosen pit stop is clean or not. Having a travel diaper changing pad folded away in your bag can lower your anxiety if you need to change your baby in a place that’s not clean.

#3 Diaper Backpack

When you’re traveling with your toddler, the amount of things that you need to hand carry seems to triple. In these cases, the diaper backpack is a must-have accessory. The main compartment and side pockets of a diaper backpack hold diapers, bottles, clean clothes, and more.

Choosing a diaper backpack instead of a diaper bag leaves your hands free to carry other things. Many diaper backpacks are made of stain-resistant materials that you can easily wipe clean after minor accidents.

#4 Travel Stroller

Packing smart is packing light when it comes to traveling with a toddler. A high-quality, lightweight stroller is a must. While the heavy-duty jogger stroller that your mom gave you is great for in-town use, those strollers won’t do for out-of-town trips. You’ll have to check strollers that weigh over 20 pounds at the ticket counter. This means that you’ll have to carry your toddler and all of your gear through the airport until you reach your assigned gate. Choose a travel stroller that’s lightweight and versatile enough to be folded into a rental car trunk. Many models have reclining features that allow you to put your baby down for a nap on the go.

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When Shopping For a Stroller Bigger Isn’t Always Better

When you first found out that you were pregnant, cutting out leisure travel probably never crossed your mind. Well-meaning friends and family members suggested it, and now you know why.

Babies are high maintenance when it comes to traveling. Your first instinct will be to buy a travel system stroller that has all of the bells, whistles, and cargo space. However, you’ll find that those heavy strollers can be a drag on your travel plans. Weighing in at up to 28 pounds, the average travel system is hard to maneuver on to airplanes and other forms of public transportation.

You’re better off getting a lightweight stroller that folds up for easy portability. These strollers move easily through the aisles of airplanes and fold up compactly to fit into overhead bins. Some offer full functionality and weigh as little as 12 pounds.

Consider How Often You Travel

You have a choice between two types of travel strollers. One is lightweight but is made of lower-quality materials and construction. The other is a deluxe model that’s durable and featherlight. The luxury model has a few bells and whistles that you really love, but you’re not sure that they are worth the extra spend.

If you’re a frequent traveler, you’ll want to choose the more durable model that has the extra features. Your stroller will roll through multiple airports and collapse into dozens of car trunks by the time that your baby outgrows it. If this sounds like your family, you’ll want a travel stroller that will hold up to excessive wear and tear. Buying a more durable travel stroller is also ideal when you’re preparing for baby #2.

When Fashion Meets Function

Travel strollers can do more than just get you and your baby from Point A to Point B efficiently. The stroller that you choose can also reflect your personal style. When your travel stroller doubles as an urban stroller, you’ll want one that incorporates cute colors and the latest safety features into a modern design.


Children grow up fast, and you want to spend as much time with them as possible. By bringing them along on trips, you introduce them to an exciting new world. A well-designed travel stroller can make your adventures more enjoyable.

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Fantastic Beach Adventures You Should Have at Least Once in Your Life 0 50

The sun and the sand and the waves – there’s nothing like it! If you’re feeling ready to soak up some vitamin D and feel the wind in your hair as you cruise over the tops of the waves, then we’ve got some suggestions for you. At least once – before you die – you’ve got to try these!


Everyone who loves the outdoors can appreciate the freedom of snorkeling. Not only does it provide you with a quick way to explore the local marine wildlife at a moment’s notice, but it also is supremely easy. Anyone, from kids to experienced adults, can jump right into snorkeling in a heartbeat. All it takes is the inexpensive gear of flippers, a mask, and a snorkel, and you’re set to explore as deep as you can dive. You can see whole worlds of flora and fauna with a clarity and proximity that is unmatched. This option is especially tantalizing in any tropical region, as that guarantees the best temperatures and the most breathtaking sights.


Iconic and incredible, surfing is an experience that comes with a steeper learning curve, but a much higher payoff. People devote their entire lives to surfing – the feeling of catching a wave is just something indescribable. You need to try it, even if just once or twice! There are many locations, all over the world, that offer different kinds of waves and various levels of surfing difficulty. For example, Punta Mita in Mexico has plenty of great surfing beaches that range from being ideal for beginners to those that offer a challenge to more advanced surfers.


Perhaps the most underrated outdoors adventure, certain rocky beaches in places like Oregon, Washington, or Florida have created a kind of in-between environmental niche for all kinds of fascinating ocean critters. When the tide comes in, the water creates havens in and under the rocks of the shore. When the tide goes out, it leaves these little natural fishbowls to be explored! You can find a wonderful variety of uncommon creatures to see up close – small fish, dozens of crabs, arthropods, starfish, octopi, mussels, barnacles, sea urchins, jellyfish, and more. It’s an exhilarating and sometimes scary experience to spend the hours turning over rocks and picking up an unending variety of slimy and squirmy organisms!

No matter which beach you go to, there will be things to do and see. But you’ve got to do and see only the best! By trying new things and forcing yourself to learn along the way, your experiences will be far more fulfilling. Feel the wind in your hair and the sand in between your toes as the setting sun illuminates your adventures.

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The Best Vehicles to Take on a Vacation 0 56

When you are planning a vacation, you always have a ton of factors that you need to take into consideration to make sure your trip is memorable and fun. One of those considerations should be the kinds of vehicles you should bring to help transport you and your family around. Different vehicles have different benefits, so the kind you should bring really depends on your goals for the trip and the way you want to spend your time.


One of the most convenient types of vehicles for a vacation is an RV. With an RV, you can bring your lodgings with you and potentially save on hotel costs, since you may only need to pay a parking fee. An RV also helps you to bring the comforts of home on your trip. Bringing an RV is a great choice if you want to be able to have your own space to use, and you don’t want to use a hotel for your trip. With an RV you can add a lot of convenience to your vacation, no matter what you are bringing with you or where you are going.


A truck can be another great option for your vacation, and gives you plenty of room to bring supplies and food along with you. You can also use your truck as a place to sleep, especially if you are going to be camping along the way. Adding a camper shell can double your truck’s square footage. With all that extra space, you will have the room you need to successfully complete your trip in comfort.

Your Family Car

The reality is that the best car you could use for your vacation is the car you have access to. So your family car can be a great option for you to take on vacation. You want to make sure that your car is road ready before the trip and that you visit a mechanic before taking off. It can also help to invest in roadside assistance for the duration of your trip. That way you can leave knowing that you will have help if you need it.

Your vehicle can help to enhance your vacation in many ways. It really depends on what you want from your trip and the kinds of activities you plan to do. Once you have a plan for the days of your trip, it will be easier to choose the vehicle to bring.

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